Art & Illustrations

Transformative artistry & cosmic humor; Eye Was Here. I am here to transcend the physical world & portray a wider vision of awareness.
I use creativity as a tool for personal, spiritual & planetary growth.
You can find my works in Imaginarium.
(All the art on the webpage is my own)


Freelance writing

I'm a freelance writer focusing my articles & journals on traveling, art, body, mind & spirit. Inner & outer spaces. Once in a while I drop a poem or a novel as well & at the moment I'm finding creative ways to combine my writings with my illustrations.

Last published article:
travel website

Sumbawa Off Roads, published Oct 26, 2016


Freelance translations

I translate articles, products, intros, whole websites & basically anything else needed.
Right now I'm working on Bio4You website that sells organic products. You can find a sample in the portfolio.

English, Finnish, Estonian


Live, Love, Laugh & Create

Spreading the word of universal interconnectedness while sampling the cosmos.

Going on a trip, whether it's diving into the rabbit holes of the inner space or crossing the mountains of the outer ones, taking the inspiration back and putting it all on use.

24 countries and gazillion astral planes.

Experience - Art - Writing.