Phaedra Sinatra, born in the northern frost of Finland, is a spiritual seeker, digital nomad, artist, writer and transpersonal psychologist on a never ending path of expression.  An explorer of the inner and outer world in it's every possible form, she is passionate about all things mythical, unexplainable and expanding, the inevitability of the unexpected - the vortex of the cortex. She works on different layers of consciousness, tying the left brain with the right brain, molding them together, bouncing from one extreme to another, sliding through the vast spaces of the "in-betweens".  Fantasy is the playground of intelligence and she likes to use both creativity and logic in her works, from absolute nonsense to strict facts, doing whatever she loves doing from the heart, continuously expanding. 1111

Ten years of her life she spent on zig-zagging Europe with Estonia and Finland as her nests, dwelling in the underground rave and psytrance cultures. After finishing her studies in psychology in the university in Estonia, she hit the road again, taking a one way ticket to China with a strong appetite for self-growth. By been grown up on the road, living a nomadic lifestyle, she carries a fusion of many different cultures within herself, being the living metaphor of Indonesian motto “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika “, meaning “Unity in Diversity”. Global citizen from the snow with a touch of Javanese Sufism. By now she has been in 24 countries, searching and finding the utopia of spiritual oneness, creating and managing a community house in Bali for like-minded souls on the way. She still identifies herself as a cosmic gypsy and an earth orphan of the Great Spirit.

22222She manifests her visions and experiences into being through multiple mediums, throwing her soul into acrylics, traditional illustrations, writings, learning digital painting and having a special love-relationship with ink and watercolors, which for her symbolize the two opposites from dark opaque mystic masculine to light feminine transparency.  Her style of work is mythical, mystical and transpersonal-fantasy fusion sometimes throwing on symbolic occult tantrums and psychedelia. Her vision is to transcend the physical, materialistic world and portray a wider vision of awareness.

At the moment she’s working on projects on Eye Was Here, putting focus on writing, watercolors and creating a joyful coloring book of the imaginarium.

“Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” ~ Rumi

This is hers.

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Meet the alter-egos

"When I started my journey throughout the globe years ago, I remember the last day of good bye like it was yesterday. Spontaneously, on the last minutes my friend had a genius idea to tattoo an one eyed alien on my leg to watch over me. It was the most sweetest thing and it has kept me company through the good and bad times. From that on my family of imaginary friends has been expanding. At one point I'd love to draw my whole journey into characters".

24 countries, gazillion astral planes & few friends from the void.


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